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    I'm wondering if it's easy to discover a traditional yet modern fence builder? Which may sound ironic, however find myself with something of a paradox. My parents recently passed and that i inherited their land out in the wild where I really hope to build.

    The thing is that, their land is at a community with very strict requirements in terms of look, decor, and feel. Every property there is certainly meant to have a very wood cabin aesthetic using a very conservative look. I would not mind that, while i can take shape a cabin there which has present day amenities I need indoors. I can even fit solar panel systems in with their requirements.

    But, I am a little picky regarding the fence. I'd like the common log fence look they expect, on the other hand would also like the lumber to not actually be lumber. I would like synthetic lumber which don't need retouched or repainted for years.
    fence repair Austin
    It appears just a little crazy, but I've come across some fence builders do some very creative things using the materials they will use. I'm not sure the HOA where my parents lived would approve, but if they can not tell the difference, maybe I can get away with it.

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